Haeger Serter “PEM” hardware machine

The Haeger Serter, also known as the PEM hardware machine, is a pivotal tool in metal fabrication for efficiently installing PEM hardware. This machine streamlines the insertion process, ensuring precise and secure attachment of PEM fasteners such as studs, nuts, and standoffs. MJM Manufacturing depends on the Haeger Serter to expedite assembly processes while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency in their products.

Riveter, four C-Yoke Pneumatic PEM serters

The Riveter with four C-Yoke Pneumatic PEM Serters is a versatile tool for metal fabrication, specifically designed for efficient and precise installation of PEM fasteners. This pneumatic machine features four C-Yoke Serters, enabling simultaneous insertion of PEM hardware such as studs and nuts. MJM Manufacturing relies on this equipment to streamline assembly processes, ensuring secure and accurate attachment of fasteners to metal components.

Dayton Blower Heat Gun, three Pop Riveter guns

The Dayton Blower Heat Gun and three Pop Riveter Guns are essential tools in metal fabrication, facilitating various assembly processes. The Dayton Blower Heat Gun provides controlled heat for tasks such as bending and shaping metal, while the three Pop Riveter Guns efficiently install pop rivets for joining components. MJM Manufacturing relies on this combination of equipment to enhance productivity and precision in their fabrication operations.

Rivnut installer gun

The Rivnut Installer Gun is a critical tool in metal fabrication, specifically designed for installing Rivnuts (also known as blind threaded inserts) into metal surfaces. This handheld pneumatic or manual tool effectively sets Rivnuts, creating strong and reliable threads for fasteners in sheet metal or other thin materials. MJM Manufacturing utilizes the Rivnut Installer Gun to streamline assembly processes, providing secure and efficient fastening solutions for their products.