Wysong 52” shear

The Wysong 52″ shear is a robust cutting machine utilized by MJM Manufacturing for precision shearing of sheet metal and other materials. Its large capacity allows for efficient processing of various sizes of materials, contributing to the company’s fabrication capabilities.

Amada HA250w automatic saw

The Amada HA250W automatic saw is a high-performance cutting machine used by MJM Manufacturing for efficient and precise cutting of metal and other materials. Its automatic operation streamlines the cutting process, enhancing productivity and accuracy in fabrication tasks.

Automatic Miter Up-Cut chop saw 17” blade

The Automatic Miter Up-Cut Chop Saw with a 17″ blade is a versatile cutting tool utilized by MJM Manufacturing for precise and efficient cutting of various materials. Its automatic operation and miter capability allow for accurate angle cuts, enhancing productivity and versatility in fabrication processes.