Ventis Fiber EN3015AJ 3K=6k power

The Ventis Fiber EN3015AJ 3K=6k power equipment is an advanced fiber laser cutter designed for precise metal fabrication tasks. Its cutting-edge technology ensures efficient performance, capable of handling various metal thicknesses with ease. With a power rating of 3 kilowatts, this machine delivers superior cutting capabilities while maintaining high precision. Ideal for MJM Manufacturing’s metal fabrication needs, it offers reliability and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Ensis Fiber EN3015AJ 2K With 4K power

The Ensis Fiber EN3015AJ 2K with 4K power is a cutting-edge fiber laser cutter specifically engineered for precise metal fabrication. With a power output of 2 kilowatts, it delivers exceptional cutting performance, ideal for various metal thicknesses. This equipment combines advanced technology with efficiency, offering MJM Manufacturing the versatility and accuracy required for their metal fabrication projects.

Amada 2000 watt Pulsar XL2415 60” x 192”

The Amada 2000 watt Pulsar XL2415 is a high-performance laser cutting machine renowned for its precision and efficiency. With a power rating of 2000 watts, it excels in cutting through various metal types and thicknesses with remarkable speed and accuracy. The XL2415 model boasts a spacious cutting area of 60 inches by 192 inches, providing ample room for large-scale metal fabrication projects. Ideal for MJM Manufacturing’s needs, this equipment ensures superior quality and productivity in metal cutting operations.

Amada EZM1500A Nitrogen Gas Generators

The Amada EZM1500A Nitrogen Gas Generators are state-of-the-art systems designed to produce high-purity nitrogen gas for use in laser cutting applications. These generators utilize advanced technology to efficiently extract nitrogen from the surrounding air, eliminating the need for traditional gas cylinders. With a capacity of 1500 liters per minute, they ensure a steady and reliable supply of nitrogen gas, optimizing the performance of laser cutting machines such as the Amada Pulsar series. MJM Manufacturing can rely on these generators to enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and achieve superior cutting quality in their metal fabrication processes.