KRM-S 80” Triple 5 ¼ roller machine

The KRM-S 80″ Triple 5 ¼ Roller Machine efficiently rolls and shapes metal sheets with precision. Its triple roller design and 80-inch width capacity make it ideal for various metal fabrication tasks. MJM Manufacturing relies on this machine for producing high-quality rolled metal components.

Knuth 48” x triple 3 ½ rollers machine

The Knuth 48″ x Triple 3 ½ Rollers Machine efficiently shapes metal sheets with precision. With its triple roller design and 48-inch width capacity, it’s perfect for various fabrication tasks. MJM Manufacturing depends on it for producing top-quality metal components.

Pexto 24” x triple 2” rollers, One 12” triple 1” rollers

The Pexto equipment includes a 24″ x Triple 2″ rollers and a 12″ x Triple 1″ rollers machine. These tools are essential for shaping metal sheets efficiently. With their versatile roller configurations, they handle various fabrication tasks with precision. MJM Manufacturing relies on these machines for producing high-quality metal components.